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hahaha, it’s professor Chang!!i found this book at work.

El Tigre Chino, Chang-ing with tigers.


hahaha, it’s professor Chang!!

i found this book at work.

El Tigre Chino, Chang-ing with tigers.

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i have 4 other saved urls besides this one, but my current blog is

you’ll find a lot of alice in chains, hole, music, tv, and movie related things.

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this job is really taking an emotional toll on me.

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i don’t know if i’m excited or scared about having jaw surgery.

on one hand it will realign my whole jaw and it won’t lock anymore and my chin that i’m self conscious about wont look crooked anymore.

on the other hand it’s a major fricking surgery that is obviously scary and i’ll be in a lot of pain afterwards.

stupid dentists and oral surgeon :( i went in thinking all i needed was braces and he tells me my jaw is shifted and could possibly shift more and i have too much bone growth on one side that requires surgery.


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using the term “bipolar” as an adjective is so fucking ignorant.

it’s a real fucking mental illness, not a fucking adjective that you slap on someone when you don’t like their behavior.

shut the fuck up.

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